Hello there. My name is Mohammed Khan, and this is my psoriasis journey. I was diagnosed with severe plaque psoriasis back in October of 2017. At the time, I was really struggling in school trying to be good at something I hated anyways. But everyone in my family and friends told me to do it. And that in doing so I’d be very successful, make the money, have the dream car, etc. I would be happy.

This took a turning point for me when I got psoriasis. Today, which is currently July of 2020, many things have changed for me in the past 3 years battling psoriasis. I am no longer the same person I was before; and never would I be here today, trying to inspire and help hundreds of others, who also suffer from this disease.

It all started with a bodybuilding competition

Right after I finished school, I was pressured to go get a job that I know I would hate. But I told myself that someone has to stand up in the psoriasis community, and help and guide others through this illness and all the other issues it brings such as depression. So from that point, I started my YouTube channel at the beginning of 2019. I started the channel off as just documenting my psoriasis journey to compete at my first bodybuilding competition ever.

Fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, anything to do with weights has always been a passion of mine for the past 4-5 years now. Anytime I feel good, I want to train. Anytime I feel bad, I want to train.

After competing, I felt like I had the confidence to walk around with my psoriasis and not care about what others said to me or how they looked at me. Many others who followed on my YouTube channel as well as on Instagram saw this and really liked how I did not care about how my skin looked, I still kept on doing what I wanted to do in my life.

Discovering alkaline diet

But this wasn’t enough for me. Near the end of 2019, after competing, I decided that, even though, I was pretty confident in my psoriasis journey, I still wanted clear skin. No more itchy skin. And wanted to teach others how they can obtain that as well. So after doing much research, I came across the plant-based alkaline diet as well as celery juicing. And in the early few months of 2020, around the time the Coronavirus outbreak started and world pandemic, my psoriasis cleared about 90%!

Once I posted these pictures and videos onto my YouTube and Instagram, people were blown away. They always saw me posting content around being confident; no matter how you looked from the outside on your skin, but I guess when they saw the clear skin, they were mind blown.

And so was I.

The psoriasis community

Now I continue my journey, despite what others tell me to do with my life, to serve others through my content as well as coaching services. I have so many plans and ideas for the psoriasis community. At the time I am writing this blog, I am working on launching my very own psoriasis course, in which step by step, it’ll guide people in teaching them how to heal their psoriasis.

I’m looking forward to what we as a community of psoriasis warriors can build. We are so much stronger than we think, just don’t know it. We were just born to be these little scared creatures. But when we embrace who we are, it is as if we become something bigger and great of ourselves. Something stronger. Something of a creature for the better of mankind.

Mohammed Khan

He is the Psoriasis Bodybuilder. For 3 years he has suffered from extreme plaque psoriasis. And now he’s inspiring and teaching people to heal their psoriasis with the use of food as medicine.

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