I first noticed patches of psoriasis on my elbows and knees when I was 15. Ever since then, I have struggled to control my flakes. It has been a big factor in my confidence and my mental health. Usually, my flare-ups coincide when I’m feeling overwhelmed, nervous, or stressed which doesn’t help me feel any better.

I have always been a positive, larger-than-life character, and usually try to fill the room with laughter. Or be the “class-clown” so when I’m going through things; and tend to internalize and therefore it comes out on my skin. So I started sharing my journey through Flakey as a means of “journaling”.

Sharing my experience with my not perfect skin and meeting like-minded people going through similar situations to me helps me deal with my flakes overall.

A big factor to me sharing my story and process is giving advice. Advice on what has worked for me (or hasn’t). I find this motivating and inspiring: talking to people who are going through psoriasis, pigmentation, eczema, and many other skin conditions.

“Perfect” Skin is a major factor in someone’s beauty

Skin is a major factor in someone’s sense of beauty. And in this society we’re shown so much content on beauty, fitness, and wealth; it’s hard not to feel self-conscious about your skin when it’s not perfect. It’s been a struggle not to hate my skin when you’re seeing friends, people online, family having clear perfect skin. And it’s hard not to want to swap with someone (trust me I’ve had a couple of those dreams before!).

The one thing I always try to repeat to myself is, this is the cards I’ve been dealt with and you have to make this work. My grandad would always say to me there’s always going to be people who are better off than you, and there’s always going to be people who are worse off than you. The trick is to be content with what you’ve got, whilst striving to do better”. 

I try to live by this motto in regards to my skin and just remember that there are people out there who have perfect skin, but there are also people out there who are going through worse skin days than me.

All I can do is be content with what I’ve been dealt with, and strive to be the best possible version of me.

I hope this gives you some wisdom and motivation to tackle your skin issues. Have a wonderful day.

Flakey x

Gabby Mirls

I’m Gabby. I first got psoriasis when I was 15 on my elbows and knees. Living in Sunny Brisbane Australia having your arms and legs exposed most of the year, I was extremely self-conscious and tried to rid myself of the condition as much as possible. Acceptance was the first stage and realizing there isn’t any miracle ‘cure’. I had to learn to love my flakes and in turn, they are a lot calmer and durable. I made Flakey as a platform for people living with any skin condition to feel comforted and hopefully pick up a trick or two!



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