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How I changed my life for the better and started to heal my skin

The more I’m in the skin warriors community, in real life and online, the more I see stories alike. People who want to heal their skin in a more natural way. This is how I am doing it. This is my story and I hope it might help you achieve your skin goals as well.

Why I started to heal my skin for real

I’ve always had mild eczema since my early childhood and had always used steroid creams when it got too itchy or
flared up.

Then three years ago I went through massive changes: I moved to another country, I needed to switch my flat several times, I had no money, new jobs, other jobs, side hustles. At the beginning of this period, my skin was worse than ever.
I was so anxious about everything and it was visible on my skin. I developed big red patches on my face, neck, arms.
It was very scary but had no time or knowledge.

 I just used the strongest steroid creams I could.

This went on up until last summer when I had a very strong intuitive decision of getting rid of these creams and searching for alternative solutions.

In the beginning, my skin was worse than ever. I had red, itchy, oozing patches all over my body, even at places I had
never had any eczema before: my legs, my back, my nipples. I couldn’t sleep well at night, was constantly in a bad mood, just wanted to hide and isolate myself. My skin just felt awful. 

The real change began

Nevertheless, my will of changing my life and healing myself was very strong and I did a lot of research to find the solutions fitting me the best. 

I discovered how many things I needed to change around and within me. Right ahead I began to declutter my home, got rid of literally everything containing nasty chemicals, and discovered natural alternatives. I went into nature as often as I could and started to practice meditation and yoga daily.

Then, I found Karen Fischer’s book, and this was the biggest help I could ever get to heal myself. Her book helped me to develop a diet plan that feeds me with the food I need to heal. I wanted to share my best tips and give hope to others, this is how my Instagram profile and blog were coming alive.

What helped my skin was journaling and tracking

I created an eczema self-care journal where you can track your food and your reactions and keep yourself motivated along your healing journey. Elimination diet and journaling are golden together, they healed me quite well. I’ve come so far and wished the same to everybody who’s on the same path!

Where I am now: still in the process to heal my skin

At the moment I can say I have control over my skin and I know what to eat and what to avoid. My hands are still very dry and sensitive, but way better than they used to be. It’ll take a long time until my body gets rid of the damage caused by 20 years of steroids.

Healing is possible and you are the only one who can completely help and heal yourself. I wish you guys a lot of hope and strength, you can do this!

Julia Blanka
Julia has struggled with eczema all her life until last summer when she decided to take her healing into her own hands and look for natural solutions. She is now on a mission to share her knowledge and motivate others on the same journey.

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