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Ten Reasons Winter Might Actually Be Good For Your Skin

Everyone with sensitive skin will know that winter can mean flares, dry chapped skin and winter rashes. This can be caused by many things, such as mould spores in the air, central heating, cold winds and drying effect of temperature changes but what can you do about it?

There are always things that can help, like keeping your skin moisturised, covering up with scarves and gloves, getting air flow by opening windows, getting a dehumidifier to combat any condensation etc. Nevertheless, chances are you’ll still be worried about what winter will do to your skin.

But there are some great benefits of those winter chills. What if, instead of dreading the cold weather, you saw is just another season, to be enjoyed each year. The chances are not many of us have the luxury of being able to escape the cold weather to winter in sunnier climbs, so changing your outlook and reframing your views on this season could really help.

See the benefits of winter for your skin!

  • Feeling the cold against your skin can feel amazing, especially if you do have sensitive skin that gets irritated in hot weather. It’s an instant cooling tonic.
  • There is nothing quite like an early morning walk on cold, frosty winter’s morning. Set your alarm, invite a friend and choose a beautiful nature spot for an early morning stroll. If it’s good for your soul it’s good for your skin.
  • Chilly weather can actually help the skin by reducing skin clogging and preventing blocked skin pores.
  • Colder weather means less hot sticky sweaty nights. Invest in good quality silk, bamboo or organic 100% cotton bedding that will help you enjoy those winter nights. This will mean you probably manage to sleep better in the winter, which in turn helps skin to rejuvenate overnight and heal any sensitive areas. We all know how beneficial good sleep is.
  • Getting outside for a run, walk or any exercise can really help to get the blood circulating more the face and skin as the cold weather instantly promotes blood flow to combat the cold. This could help reduce inflammation and swelling on the face.
  • Indoor air quality can get quite toxic in winter when windows are shut and we heat up the house, allergens get stuck and build up and this can have an adverse effect on our skin. Make sure you get air circulation by opening windows each day, you only need to do this for an hour.
  • Clean your indoor air by looking at what you are bringing into your home. Ditch the synthetic plug in fragrances and avoid cheap candles, instead choosing natural candles such as beeswax and soya or getting a diffuser and investing in some warming essential oils to help you get through those winter months. There are so many great essential oils to choose from, including marjoram, black pepper and rosemary to name just a few. We’ll be expanding on this theme in a future blog so watch this space…
  • Rejuvenate your skin with a blast of that cold outdoor air. If you’ve heard of the Wim Hoff water technique using cold water to stimulate the skin? Cold air can have a similar revitalising effect and it’s completely free and outside your front door all winter! Get out there and make the most of it. Just remember to moisturise and protect with our favourite natural skincare and of course, scarf and gloves!
  • It’s an excuse to get all snuggled up in your favourite bobble hat, warm winter coat and lots of layers. With the added joy of coming home and getting all warm and cosy on the sofa back at home.
  • It brings with it Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations and the added reminder to remember what we are all thankful for, grateful for in our lives, and time to take stock of how the year has gone and plan for the coming year.

With all these tips, maybe this cold season will bring some nice times

So remember to thank your skin this winter for keeping you covered, warm and protected. It may just need a little extra TLC from you over the winter months, but it might also just love the cold weather more than you knew!

If you’re looking for some soothing, calming gloves or scarf this winter we have just the thing at Clover. Check oit the shop here.

And we’d love to know, are you a winter lover? Or do you dread it due to your sensitive skin? Share your thoughts and comments below…

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Author of 'The Reluctant Allergy Expert; How to kill the fear that anaphylaxis could kill you'. Available as paperback or Kindle on Amazon. Ruth is a Writer, Blogger and Patient Expert in allergies, eczema and topical steroid withdrawal.
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