Skin Care Fashion

Fashion therapy for body and mind. Say hello to Clover, the well-designed skin care clothing that helps protect your skin and looks good while doing so. With Clover we’re on a mission to create a brand that would actually help people feel better.

We do that by delivering you beautiful clothes made from the softest, natural and sustainable textiles, that are designed with skin conditions in mind (no labels!), so you can be as comfortable as you can be and feel your best selves again.

We believe that what you wear impacts how you feel and act.

Research (Fascinating stuff, read the blog here and here) shows that the clothes you wear impact you on a psychological level, in the same way wearing glasses can make you feel smarter or high heels more sexy. What’s more, they can even influence your performance on a test!

We took that power of symbol that clothing carries with it and applied it to our wear: so people with skin conditions would feel empowered.

We talked with 100’s of individuals with a skin condition through our online community and really got to the bottom of what you  need from your  clothes: how textiles affect your skin  and how clothes can  help you feel fabulous.

With that in hand we reinvented clothes so  it can care for your skin and you can feel your best self again.

Our range launches in end of November 2020, but you can get exclusive access to 20% off the launch price by pre-ordering before Nov 30th, or you can get a 10% off code for any order by joining the email list for our tribe.


Team Clover

I believe we’re on this world to learn and to experience life. We believe that what you wear impacts how you feel and act. To be curious, and to enjoy life, you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Clover is here to help people connect, to others and themselves.

Merel van der Ham, Founder