FAQ Page


How do I know if I have the right size?
We’ve added a sizing guide here. If you have very long fingers, you might want to go a size up.

How stretchy is the fabric of the gloves?
There is 2% lycra in the gloves so they have some stretch.

What is the fabric composed of?
The fabric is made of 98% Tencel and 2 % Lycra.

How warm are the gloves? Can I wear them outside?
For sure these are not winter gloves, but on a nice autumn day with a bit of chill in the air, they can keep your hands comfortable.

Are the gloves touch screen compatible?
YES! You can use the gloves your touch screen! Unfortunately they don’t work yet on the home-button.

How do you wash the gloves?
The gloves (and all the other garments) are washable at 60 degrees C. Though, because we didn’t use any finishings in the fabric, a hotter wash might affect the colour of your garment.

Face mask

What material is the mask made of?
The mask is made of 95% Tencel, 5% Lycra. There is a small rubber knob to adjust the sizing. There is a metal strip in the nose for adjustment.

How do you wash the face mask?
The fabric is machine washable at 60 degrees C. To ensure you don’t lose the rubber pods in the washing, you might want to tie a little knot in the elastic bands. Also, it is wise to use a wash

Is the face mask one size?
Yes, the straps are adjustable, so these babies will fit everybody!

Long sleeve

How do I wash the long sleeve?
You can machine wash the long sleeves at max 60 degrees C.

How do I know what size I have?
Please see our sizing guide here


How do I wash the scarf?
You can machine wash the scarf at max 60 degrees C.

How warm is the scarf?
The scarf is nice and cosy, a real all-weather-type of thing. But if your ears are freezing off you might want to consider an extra layer.