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Skin Care Fashion

Comfort and confidence are cornerstones of quality of life.

Doesn’t life flow easier when you feel free to go out and about? For those with sensitive skin, they often don’t feel that freedom.

Comfort and confidence vanish when
a flare-up comes along, burdening you with stress and self-consciousness.

Clover believes you can find comfort, peace of mind, and a better quality of life from the one thing that touches your skin day and night - your clothes.

"We believe that what you wear impacts how you feel and act."

Research shows that the clothes you wear impact you on a psychological level. The same way wearing glasses can make you feel smarter or high heels sometimes can make you feel sexier. What’s more, what you wear can influence your performance on a test. Often overlooked, but your wardrobe choices carry further than you think.

We talked with 100’s of women with skin conditions through our online community and got to the bottom of what goes on in your life and in your wardrobe. We learned how a regular cotton shirt can feel like wearing sandpaper, how people sometimes want to wear a pretty top so passionately, they do so, even if that means paying for it with itchy nights. You toldus how a flare can impact your life, your sleep, your wellbeing and your happiness. We believe in the impact of clothes on how you interact with the world. How confidence and comfort influence the quality of life. We see how especially for people with skin conditions it’s essential to have clothes that support them and their skin, because it directly impacts their quality of life.


“I believe we’re on this world to learn and to experience life. We believe that what you wear impacts how you feel and act.
To be curious, and to enjoy life, you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Clover is here to help people others and themselves."

Merel van der Ham

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