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What are Clover items made of?
Compilation of fabric: 95% Tencel, 5% Lycra for the long sleeves, face mask and scarf. The gloves are 78% Tencel, 20% Smartcel Sensitive and 2% lycra.


Sounds interesting, but what is Tencel?
Tencel is a natural cellulose fiber, it repels bacteria growth, feels smooth and soft on the surface and absorbs almost twice as much moisture as cotton. Cool to the touch, warm in winter, it balances your body temperature just right. Oh, and it is one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market today,  you do the world -and your skin - a favour by wearing Tencel!


So what makes Clover items so special?
These clothes are made and designed with the greatest care and with people with skin conditions in mind. The fabric is supersoft, sustainable, naturally bacteria repellent. We don't like itching labels and only use soft seams. 


Is it safe for my allergy-prone skin?
Yes! All products are certified under OEKO-TEX class I, which means that they are produced under the strictest standards usually reserved for babies. There are no known allergy triggers in Tencel, the dyes used or the lycra used. These same fabrics are used for some wet wrapping therapy bandages.


What are your wash care instructions?
As we purposely haven't used any finishings on the items, there are no chemicals added to fixate the dye. This means that the colour night fade a bit quicker than you're used to. There is an old household trick that might prevent this from happening: before you wash your clothes, let it soak overnight in diluted vinegar. 

Then wash it as your regular items:
We advise to wash your Clover-items at 30º Celcius.
Do not tumble dry
Wash the face mask in a laundry bag.


How do I know if I have the right size?
We’ve added a sizing guide here. If you have very long fingers, you might want to go a size up.


How stretchy is the fabric of the gloves?
There is 2% lycra in the gloves so they have some stretch.


How warm are the gloves? Can I wear them outside?
For sure these are not winter gloves, but on a nice autumn day with a bit of chill in the air, they can keep your hands comfortable.


Are the gloves touch screen compatible?
YES! You can use the gloves your touch screen! So go ahead and start tapping.


How do you wash the gloves?
The gloves (and all the other garments) are washable at 30 degrees Celcius. Though, because we didn’t use any finishings in the fabric, a hotter wash might affect the colour of your garment.



Face mask
What material is the mask made of?
The mask is made of 95% Tencel, 5% Lycra. There is a small rubber knob to adjust the sizing. There is a metal strip in the nose for adjustment and elastic bands to keep them in place.


How do you wash the face mask?
The fabric is machine washable at 30 degrees Celcius, you can tumble dry low. To ensure you don’t lose the rubber pods in the washing, you might want to tie a little knot in the elastic bands. Also, it is wise to use a mesh washing bag.


Is the face mask one size?
Yes, the straps are adjustable, so these babies will fit everybody!


Long sleeve
How do I wash the long sleeve?
You can machine wash the long sleeves at max 30 degrees C. Also good to note: since we don't use finishers that might contain chemicals, there are no substances used to preserve colour. Washing might lead to quicker fading of the colour than you're used to. There is an old hack that might help with this: soak your items in diluted vinegar overnight before washing.


How do I know what size I have?
Please see our sizing guide here


How do I wash the scarf?
You can machine wash the scarf at max 60 degrees C.


How warm is the scarf?
The scarf is nice and cozy, a real all-weather-type of thing. But if your ears are freezing off you might want to consider an extra layer.


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