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Why Choose Clover

Everyone has that one garment that seems to have everything: Extremely comfortable, fits you just right, the colour looks brilliant on you and you feel held just by wearing it. Why isn’t your whole wardrobe like that? We were wondering the same thing and created clothes that improved on multiple levels.



We don’t want to brag, but we really left nothing lying on the table when we redesigned the clothes. We took it personally. We took out our monocles, hired the best pattern designers, scouted all the innovative, sustainable technologies and holed up in our atelier. We only came out once it all was done. Exhausted, hungry and unwashed, but satisfied and extremely proud with the result: our gloves, mask, scarf and long sleeve.

The fabric, the looming of the yarn, the stitching,
the pattern, the dye. Soft seams, no labels. All mean that our products are kind to your skin. What's more, they look really good while doing so. 



In our relentless hunt for the best 'Skin Care Clothes' we discovered Lyocell - or Tencel®as it is known - is
an all natural and pure cellulose textile fiber without any impurities. It creates a beautifully smooth and sleek, cooling fabric, reducing friction on your skin, while allowing it to breathe.

An amazing fabric, it:
• Absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton whilst remaining dry on the surface.
• Has a cooling feeling on your skin, cooler than cotton.
• Repels bacteria growth.



The problem with regular cotton is that it's not very sustainable due to high water consumption, pollution, soil degradation, greenhouse gas emissions, use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers. 

Organic cotton solves many of these problems,
but still takes out a lot of farmland which then can't
be used for food production. On top of that, production needs a lot of clean water - also for organic cotton- in areas where such water is scarce (e.g. Egypt, India and China).

Lyocell is made from eucalyptus trees. It doesn't need any farmland, irrigation or pesticides and production of the fabric doesn't need toxic chemicals. Furthermore, 99,5% of the dissolving agent can be won back and reused, eliminating pollution due to production.

Confession Time

We don’t believe cotton is the best possible textile to take care of your sensitive skin. True, it doesn’t trigger allergies, but it doesn’t help either. Bacteria can still grow on cotton, and the fibers are not as round and soft as could be.

Just take a look at this:

*Laboratory study of bacteria growth on textiles: B. Recl, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria, 2004

Not that we're pushy, but really:
Swap all the cotton in your wardrobe for Tencel®

Clover making a difference

Clover is committed to helping people with skin conditions feel as best they can. This is why we set apart a fixed share of our revenue to support organisations that support you.

We’re proud to contribute to GlobalSkin, Eczema Outreach Support and Fondation Eczema.

For our climate impact we aim to produce as sustainable as possible. So we offset our carbon footprint by investing in Bio Carbon Partners . With these investments, they protect forests in Zambia and train and employ local communities in environmental protection.

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