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Why Choose Clover

Everyone has that one garment that seems to have everything: Extremely comfortable, fits you just right, the colour looks brilliant on you and you feel held just by wearing it. Why isn’t your whole wardrobe like that? We care about you and your skin. That’s why we’ve paid extra attention to all the small details that make the difference. You can tell from the details in our t-shirts: extra soft seams, no itchy labels, comfortable but flattering fit.

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Tencel - the sustainable choice

And then there is the fabric, Tencel

We searched high and low to find the best for your skin which washes well and stays the course so it can become your best friend keeping you company over the years. And the good news is that you get all this while making a conscious choice. Tencel (also known as lyocell) is produced by environmentally responsible processes from sustainably sourced natural raw material wood.Other than cotton, Tencel doesn't need farmland, irrigation or pesticides and production of the fabric doesn't need toxic chemicals. Furthermore, 99,5% of the dissolving agent can be won back and reused, eliminating pollution due to production. Even the production of organic cotton needs a lot of clean water in areas where such water is scarce (e.g. Egypt, India and China), Tencel undercuts this problem, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market today.

Skin Care Fashion 

For your skin, the best fabric hands down is Tencel. It's an all natural and pure plant based textile fiber without any impurities. It creates a beautifully soft, cooling fabric, reducing friction on your skin, while allowing it to breathe. We believe Tencel is far superior to (organic) cotton in the care for your skin. Less bacteria growth and a sleeker and smoother surface. When your skin acts up, there is a big chance bacteria play a role in it. Especially on eczema prone skin, staph bacteria tend to get the overhand. That is why it makes sense to look into wearing fabrics that make it difficult for the bacteria numbers to grow. Take a look at this:

Furthermore, Tencel has some more really impressive properties:

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It absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton whilst remaining dry on the surface.

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It has a cooling feeling on your skin, cooler than cotton.

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The frustration of many with a skin with lesions: clothes that stick to your skin. Since Tencel has long rounded fibers this [inconvenience] this has become a lot less common.

People's experience with Tencel:

People's experience with Tencel


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