Gloves – Like your hands are wearing clouds. Super soft and elegant, our unique black gloves adda dash of glamour to any outfit. Did we mention how soft and smooth they are? Oh, we did?We’re just a little bit in love with the Tencel, the fabric that’s cool to the touch and soft as silk. It’s here to protect your hands through the day AND make you look supersmart while doing so.

Gloves Sizing Guide is HERE.

Gloves Sizing Guide

Size CM Inch
S 18 6,5 – 7
M 19 7,5
L 20 7,9

To find the right glove size, take a tape measure and size up the circumference of the broadest part of your hands.
Measure your dominant hand: right if you’re right-handed, left if you’re left-handed.
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  • Compilation of fabric: 78% Tencel, 20% Smartcel Sensitive, 2% Lycra.
  • Tencel is a natural cellulose fiber, it repels bacteria growth, feels smooth and soft on the surface and absorbs almost twice as much moisture as cotton. Cool to the touch, warm in winter, it balances your body temperature just right.
  • No itching labels, soft seams.
  • All products are certified under OEKO-TEX class I, which means that they are produced under the strictest standards usually reserved for babies.


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